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Annual School Report

                                                                            NG Wang Kee, Principal

                  Today is our sixty-fifth Graduation Ceremony. We are honoured to have Professor Jimmy C.M. YU, the Head
            of United College and Choh-Ming LI Professor of Chemistry of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to officiate
            at the ceremony. On behalf of all staff and students, I would like to extend our warmest welcome and heartfelt
            gratitude to Professor YU and all the guests for attending this ceremony today.
                  In the past five years, our S6 graduates achieved outstanding results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary
            Education Examination (HKDSE). In 2016, the rates of achieving level 2 (pass) or above and level 4 (credit) or above
            were 100% and 49.3% respectively. 66% of our students met the university admission requirement (3322+2) and
            59% were admitted to universities. There were 9 students admitted to the University of Hong Kong, 15 to the
            Chinese University of Hong Kong and 14 to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
                  This year, we are celebrating our school's 65th anniversary. The school year commenced with an air of
            festivity as our first celebration, "Alumni Homecoming Day at North Point School Campus", kicked off on 3
            September 2016, where we re-visited the past development of our school with fond remembrances.  Thanks to the
            collective efforts of our teachers from the 3 core subjects, Chinese Language, English Language and Liberal Studies,
            we have captured our teaching quality and outcome through publishing students' work in three anthologies namely
            《心曲》,《Words》and《福中 ‧ 情 ‧ 觀塘》. To take our professionalism a step further, we hosted "Open Classrooms"
            to the public in May for more professional exchange.  In junior curriculum, we have implemented our school-based
            Chinese Culture course, creating more learning opportunities to enhance students' appreciation of traditional
            Chinese culture.  Through activities ranging from lantern-making to tea-tasting, students are able to experience the
            profoundness of Chinese culture in order to cultivate temperament and character.  In addition, we also attach great
            importance to student innovation and self-directed exploration.  We have implemented our school-based STEM
            education through in-depth project learning in groups.  Students compete with their interesting and innovative
            products which reflect their ability of applied science.  This year, we have also refined our "All-round Learning
            Week". With the aim of enriching our students' life experiences, the new initiative, "S.4 World Classroom" brought
            students the valuable opportunity to engage in different exchange programmes in Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan
            and Korea.

                  We are always concerned about the development of our students' multiple-intelligences. In addition to their
            academic achievements, students perform brilliantly in extra-curricular activities. In 2016, our school was ranked
            second in the BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award among nearly 200 coed schools. Our Girls Basketball Team participated
            in "NIKE All HK Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament" and walked home the third place.  Our Girls Cross Country
            Team will also be promoted to Division 1 after bagging the Overall Team Championship.  In total, nine of the school
            teams will be in Division 1 in 2017/2018.  They are Boys and Girls Basketball Teams, Badminton Teams, Swimming
            Teams, Table Tennis Teams and Girls Cross Country Team. As of end of April, we have received 515 prizes and
            awards in different open competitions. Of all the prizes, we have attained 65 Championships, 50 First Runners-
            up, 51 Second and Third Runners-up. Academically, our students have achieved equally excellent results in areas
            like calligraphy, essay writing, choral and public speaking in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, STEM and
            debating. More than that, our Marching Band won the Gold award and the Best Marching Steps in the competition
            and students' participation in other areas like sports, swimming, athletics and canoeing was also impressive.  All
            these remarkable performances are living examples of how our students live up to the school motto of "Diligence
            and Conscientiousness".
                  In the interest of students' growth, we especially emphasize spiritual counseling and instilling in our
            students a sense of positivity and responsibility through organizing seminars, leadership proprammes, experiential
            workshops and individual counseling. Students are able to learn from experience and mature with a reflective
            mind.  In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Dr. SUN Yat-sen, we arranged a series of
            workshops and exchange programmes to strengthen students' national sentiment.
                  This year we have 184 S6 graduates. I am sure they all have made great efforts in the DSE and most of them
            will be admitted to their preferred university degree programmes. I sincerely hope that our graduates will cherish
            the school spirit of "Diligence and Conscientiousness" and become individuals who think independently and are
            committed to lifelong learning so as to contribute their best to our community, our country and the world.

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